Jumpcut Case Study on Startup Review

February 19th, 2007

This week I published my second case study on Startup Review. A short summary of the study is below. Startup Review’s founder, Nisan Gabbay, is a great guy who came up with a brilliant idea to analyze successful internet companies and accumulate a library of strategies, tips and tricks other entrepreneurs can use. I am pleased to have been named a co-author on the blog and I am working on a new batch of studies now.

Jumpcut Case Study Excerpt
Jumpcut is an online community for video creators. Jumpcut provides free video editing tools that let consumers upload short video segments and edit them online to add music and effects. Its Flash-based tools attracted immediate attention in the blogosphere and from consumers, resulting in the company’s acquisition by Yahoo! approximately six months after launch.

Because of its short operating history, Jumpcut makes an interesting study of the launch phase of a business without considering subsequent growth. The company (the business’s legal name was MiraVida Media, Inc. prior to the acquisition) worked very quickly to develop its product and build a team, and was then acquired before the product had time to make more than an early dent in the market.

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