Reading List: VC Money for Women and Market Forces to Stop Global Warming

April 23rd, 2007

Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge e-zine is one of my favorite weekly reads. They dig a little deeper than many press outlets into many fascinating issues. Two that seem sure to provoke debate have to do with How Women Can Get More Venture Capital and whether market forces or government regulation will do more to stop global warming.

The latter piece is interesting mostly for the comments.  I will admit that I am surrounded by more like-minded people that otherwise on the subject of global warming, so I find it fascinating to read through the comments on a site that writes for a business-oriented rather than green-specific audience.  It is fascinating to see the range of intelligent viewpoints represented- from “increasing oil costs will drive consumers toward alternative energy sources” to “companies should pollute if it rewards shareholders more, and vice versa”.

The VC money for women entrepreneur article seems certain to fuel extensive debate, and I wish it was open for comments as well.  One of the author’s findings was that VCs worry more that female entrepreneurs will leave the business prematurely or put other (family) needs first, and at the same time the author’s research on women in the VC industry found that women *did* leave the field at a much higher rate than men between 1995-2000.

The conclusion seems to be that women need to work harder than men to convince investors they are committed to the business.  On the other hand, the article cites the case in which two women, one six months pregnant and the other having come back from a family-related year off work successfully raised money for Zipcar.

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