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My (Wished-for) Social Network Dashboard

July 19th, 2007

I wrote the other day about how I long for a unified invite process for social web applications.  I realized that wouldn’t satisfy me, though.  I really want a social network dashboard where I can manage not only invitations, but contacts, avatars, profiles, etc. from a single place.

The new Plaxo comes closer than anything else and may turn out to be useful.  Thanks to it my iCal and Mac Address Book are now sync’d with my Gmail account.  I only use that as backup email, so I guess that it’s a good thing but I’m still not totally clear.

It would be nice to have Linkedin contacts sync automatically too, but I have to pay $49.95/year for that feature.  For $50 I can upload my contact list manually.  Still, the fact that Plaxo is “pass-through” is great.  Users can view info on Plaxo or just use it as a conduit for other services.  I like that, though it makes we wonder how they make money.