Case Study on Wallstrip at Startup Review

July 31st, 2007

I wrote a case study on Wallstrip that has just been published on Startup Review. Wallstrip is a really interesting little “test balloon” for what can be done with online video. Producer Adam Elend is also one of the brightest, most web-savvy guys anyone could hope to meet. His theme about “putting content where the audience is” is one of those things that sounds so elementary that once you’ve heard it you don’t understand why people aren’t constantly repeating it every day, all the time. The trick is that the simple phrase belies the difficulty of doing that properly.

Case in point is that the same idea was behind Paul McCartney’s Starbucks-released CD, and Prince’s distribution of his new CD through England’s Mail on Sunday newspaper.

To me, both of these efforts seemed like weak attempts to think outside the music distribution box. Yes, consumers are in Starbucks and they read the newspaper, but getting to them requires a bit more than just putting the music in front of them. These efforts lack authenticity, somehow- they seem like clumsy publicity stunts. Wallstrip’s genius is in being candid about foisting product on you, but being open enough, and entertaining enough in the process that lots of people don’t mind the pitch.

Intimacy, authenticity and getting to the audiences where they already live on the web- Adam’s insightful blog piece covers it all.

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