I’m Waiting for the “Keith Benjamin” Effect

August 28th, 2007

I’m a little late jumping on the bandwagon about Keith’s post, now two weeks old. The logic certainly makes sense- as one type of investment loses some luster another becomes more attractive (again). I didn’t post on it earlier largely because it was so well covered elsewhere I didn’t see a whole lot to add.

But then I realized I was wrong. I have two clients raising money right now, and both have had conversations with prospective investors who are really excited about the company, but loath to give up short-term gains they see markets delivering in the next few months.

As short as the timelines can be for tech-companies to start-up, build-out and exit, it’s still hard to convince an investor he should let his money sit idle in a company’s bank account rather than generate real cash in a six-month timeframe. Startups are risky, for sure, and even in the best cases the return is 1-2-3 years out or more. It ends up something like trying to convince the investor that two birds in the bush really are better.

I’m looking forward to seeing Keith’s prediction to come true and for “hedge fund fever” to abate a bit. The calculus is still skewed toward the short-term gains savvy investors can make; when a little more of the shine comes off the apple I am hoping that investors will be more comfortable balancing “longer term” tech company bets with shorter market-based approaches.

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