New York Times Online and the Odds Against it

September 21st, 2007

The New York Times seems to have its head screwed on right as far online marketing goes. Witness its Facebook application: it’s a simple thing that shows off what the NYT does best (news coverage) and lets friends compete against onenewspaper-revenues.gif another for “News IQ” ratings. To do well, one needs to read the news and the NYT provides ample opportunity to link through to articles on the paper’s site.

Add this to the company’s announcement that it is dumping the Times Select pay wall and one could almost forget what they are up against. I saw the graphic to the right and was blown away by the difference between on- and off-line ad revenue.

Something sure needs to change, or publishing (i.e. reading what’s actually happening in the world) as we know it is going to be completely screwed.  Yikes.

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