I’ll Take My Metadata to Go, Please

February 9th, 2008

OpenSocial, OpenID and the rest of the shared-social graph ideas are promising, but they are starting to make me channel Rodney King and ask “can’t we all just get along?” Everyone seems to love the idea, but no one knows how to manage the details.

Meanwhile, I use Zimbra on my Mac. My wife uses Yahoo and Outlook. I want to share my calendar with her, but can’t figure out how to do it. If there is a cross-platform calendar sharing utility I definitely have not found it.

In a similar vein, I use Last.fm, Pandora and occasionally Hype Machine and Seeqpod (whose days seem sadly numbered) to stream music, and Sonic Living for event updates. They should all talk the same language so I don’t have to enter my favorites over and over- or at least work from the same starting point using my iTunes listening habits. I understand that each site’s “secret sauce” is its music-recommendation algorithm, so by all means wow me with great picks. Just don’t make me tell you again and again what I like. Is that really so difficult? Apparently.

  • lisa fung

    Have you taken a look at iCal as a calendar sharing option?

  • Yup. iCal will sync over .Mac or a standalone webDAV server, *but* it only syncs iCal files. It won’t talk to Outlook calendar.

    The practical answer is to buy H a new Mac and get a family .Mac account, but the point of my post is that it’s just a bunch of dates and text fields. Why can’t calendar programs all speak a common language?

  • Hey there Jay , SonicLiving totally syncs up with your artists with last.fm, your bookmarks from pandora (hopefully thumbs up soon) as well as your artists in iTunes. You can also get all your sonicliving feeds and stuff in ical format.

    On a side note theres a couple services and pieces of software i’ve seen that allows two way syncing between iCal and google calendar. If there’s something similar on the outlook side that might work.

    Gabe from SonicLiving

  • Sonic Living definitely does this best- and really proves that it is possible to everyone to talk together. Thanks to Ammon for turning me on to it.

  • Yeah, the primary reason I use last.fm is so that new artists get automatically added to my SonicLiving wishlist. That’s why I have no pity for you Jay when you complain about last.fm’s radio selection… listen to music podcasts instead!

    The Yahoo groups calendar is horribly neutered. No automatic way to export it into any format, let alone .ics. Microsoft should totally do something about that after the hostile takeover.