Dilbert and the Corporate Lawyers on Protecting Secrets

February 11th, 2008

I love it when legal advice and common sense overlap. Here’s Dilbert presenting the entirely reasonable proposition that marking something “top secret”, then putting it in public view is likely to give it wider distribution (some might call it an “attractive nuisance”).

Next up, a reasonably typical paragraph from a non-disclosure agreement. It says confidential information needs to be so marked. That makes sense, too- especially when the sensitive information belongs to another company.

It’s paragraph 7 that pulls it together. It’s not good enough to get someone’s business plans and leave them lying around- even if they are marked confidential. Keep them secure.

And for those who find lawyers overly wordy, it took Dilbert three pictures to say what the agreement does in 111 words. So much for the old adage.

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