On Raising an Angel Round for Your Startup

March 21st, 2008

Here is a thoughtful post on raising money from angel investors. Author Charlie O’Donnell points out that it is really the same process as any other kind of networking- get out and meet people in your space and over time you will develop the kinds of trust relationships that faciliate investment.

This is going to be BIG! – The Secret Life of Angels: Raising an Angel Round for Your Startup

The problem I have seen many people run into is finding a great idea for a business and then trying to find the capital. Occasionally it works. So does looking for relationships in bars, but the odds are better if you aren’t going at it randomly.

The companion to this is the advice from Jeff Clavier and Brad Feld about making sure your investors are accredited. Everyone says they are accredited and as long as the company does well everyone is happy. In the worst case burnout, though, unaccredited investors put the burden on the company to say that risks were properly disclosed.

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