Parkhill Venture Counsel Branches Out, Opens New Fund

April 1st, 2008

I like the name of my business a lot. Always have. Others have disagreed, though. Most of the objections, and a certain amount of ongoing confusion, relates to the fact that it sounds a lot like Parkhill Venture Capital.

I’ve thought long and hard about how to address this problem and I have at long last come up with a solution- go with the flow and start a fund. You can imagine what an exciting decision this is for me. I have worked with entrepreneurs and investors for my entire career, I love the energy and excitement of the whole process and I feel very much ready to take this new step.

What, you may ask, will my fund focus on? This, again, is something I have considered carefully. I strongly believe, and empirical evidence from the venture community seems to support, the idea that one should invest in what one knows. I have witnessed several cycles in the business world during my career and nothing is more clear to me than that when investors get outside their “zones” they get in trouble quickly and end up holding the bag when markets turn sour.

Those who know me well, then, will be not at all surprised to learn that my nascent fund will be devoted to the following areas. Some may see my focus as overly broad, but I believe that I can manage this diversity to avoid conflicts within the portfolio while sticking to my core competences. Without further ado, then, these are the core areas on which I will focus:

*Grilled meats served with assorted Mexican and Mexican-derived accompaniments, occasionally wrapped in tortillas. Without even leaving San Francisco I find the possibilities in this arena near-overwhelming.

*Quality malted libations. In addition to the exploding diversity in US opportunities within this sector I have been actively searching out underappreciated assets from across the globe. This will provide valuable balance with the strongly local focus in the first item.

*Derivatives of the coffee plant. Many view this sector as “over” based on the existence of a single behemoth in the space, but I believe that there is room for many smaller, more nimble businesses to develop high-quality products and to capitalize on dissatisfaction with the major player in the arena.

*Products to enhance the efficiency and enjoyment of two-wheeled, human-powered transportation. No question that this is an important growth area and I look forward to significant efforts in the space.

Thanks to everyone who has made this possible. I hope you will keep me in mind and refer promising opportunities in each of these areas to my attention.

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