Great Business Book on Creating a Business Plan

October 14th, 2008

I just bought a terrific book from Harvard Business Review called How to Write a Great Business Plan.  It has several things going for it:

1)  The book itself is 4″ x 7″, 60 pages long and with large type.  To my mind, all business books should be limited to that size and length.

2) At $6.95 it is a bargain (pdf downloadable version available).

3)  It covers some really important material.

Author William Sahlman hits then nail on the head when he says (I am paraphrasing):

*Talk about the people.  Good people can work a mediocre idea into a good one, and plenty of good ideas have failed to work for lack of the right people to manage them.

*Don’t get so caught up in the promise that you forget to describe the steps along the way.  I have certainly seen plenty of business plans that promised fabulous technology, but couldn’t explain where the customers would come from.

Check it out.  How to Write a Great Business Plan is a worthwhile reading for entrepreneurs everywhere.

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  • You might also enjoy the One page Business Plan(r) 100 or less pages, a few different editions, based on what sort of business you're creating and it's the type of plan used daily by business owners to keep focused and set up an accountablity system.

    Doing it in 2000 changed my business.

  • Thanks Maria. I will check that out.

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  • Thanks,very interesting and useful post

  • thanks for the Great Business Book on Creating a Business Plan