Frank Herbert, Douglas Adams and the Economy

November 12th, 2008

Two of my favorite books as a teenager were Dune and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  These quotes from those books have been bouncing around my brain lately:

Dune – Fear is the Mindkiller (the complete Litany Against Fear is here)

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Hitchhiker’s Guide – Don’t Panic

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I have been repeating these phrases to myself a lot recently.  Unstable economies are scary times, but energy spent being anxious and stressed is just wasted energy.  Some days I can’t get on top of the stress and end up completely exhausted, but unless I managed to do something productive in spite of my stress I am no better off.

In that vein, here is an article about strategies for getting past the anxiety and focusing on things you can control.

In the Hunt – Recession Advice for Entrepreneurs – Stay Calm –

Acknowledge the anxiety, then focus past it on steps you can take to make yourself feel like you are moving toward your goals every day.  Good advice.

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