Ideas Becoming Conversations on the Web

July 28th, 2009

I had a happy milestone this week, when Carolyn Elefant picked up on my recent post about free and low-cost legal services.  She looked at the concepts from the angle of solo and small firm practice.  Her post was then subjected to close scrutiny at AdamsDrafting before finally ending up on the ABA Journal’s web site.

This is clearly a topic of great interest to lawyers and I am thrilled to see it discussed.  It was also a first for me to see a meme posted in this blog picked up and analyzed by others from multiple viewpoints.  Thanks to Carolyn, Ken at AdamsDrafting and Sarah at the ABA Journal for adding your thoughts.  The discussion becomes a fluid, roving one and I learned a lot from your posts.

[In ~2 years of blogging I think this is my very first post *about* blogging.  I promise not to do it often.  I love to see ideas turn into conversations- as long as the conversations are about more than the blogs themselves]

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Roll-my-own Tumblr Digest

February 26th, 2008

I use this blog mostly for business oriented posts, and Tumblr and Twitter for “lifestreaming”. What I have discovered, though, is that the line gets frequently blurred and there are things I would like to post in two or more places.

On my Tumblr page, I have added feed digests from Twitter and The former sends one daily update of my tweets, and the latter shows my weekly top artists.

I would like to drop a daily Tumblr digest into this blog, both so that content that wants to be in both places can get there, and so that the feed from this blog doesn’t get overwhelming.

So, dear readers, this is both a notice and a request. I intend to keep using this blog for longer pieces, which seem to happen twice a week or so. At the same time, “short form” notes on interesting things I find from across the web and MP3 blogs may start showing up here.

The request is that if anyone has found a good way to do this, kindly let me know in the comments or by email.

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