Great Business Book on Creating a Business Plan

October 14th, 2008

I just bought a terrific book from Harvard Business Review called How to Write a Great Business Plan.  It has several things going for it:

1)  The book itself is 4″ x 7″, 60 pages long and with large type.  To my mind, all business books should be limited to that size and length.

2) At $6.95 it is a bargain (pdf downloadable version available).

3)  It covers some really important material.

Author William Sahlman hits then nail on the head when he says (I am paraphrasing):

*Talk about the people.  Good people can work a mediocre idea into a good one, and plenty of good ideas have failed to work for lack of the right people to manage them.

*Don’t get so caught up in the promise that you forget to describe the steps along the way.  I have certainly seen plenty of business plans that promised fabulous technology, but couldn’t explain where the customers would come from.

Check it out.  How to Write a Great Business Plan is a worthwhile reading for entrepreneurs everywhere.

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