Two Great Videos from Someone Who Hates Video

May 21st, 2008

This post may serve to show that I am both (i) late to the party and (ii) inconsistent. When asked I will not hesitate to say that internet video bores me, and yet here I am posting two that I found terrific.

I am late to the party because the first one comes of out SXSW, a whole two months back. Apparently there was a spoof business plan competition panel there where people competed for the coveted prize of “worst website ever”. (Side note: I would have nominated AOL at basically any time since about 1994 and will vigorously defend that position, while acknowledging that it also cost me the chance to make a bunch of money in the 1990s.) The video is great because the guy spends five minutes explaining a business without ever actually saying what it does, and I’ve seen people do the same thing in real life too.

Merlin Mann’s Worst Website Pitch (the embed code for this isn’t working. Sorry.)

The second video comes courtesy of Brad Feld’s blog and lists numerous people who either failed miserably several times or were doomed to failure by teachers and others, and then went on to be extremely successful. It’s a useful reminder that life goes up and down- there is no linear path to success.[youtube Y6hz_s2XIAU]

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The Bubble Song and Why it is Going to Drive me Crazy

December 6th, 2007

VentureBeat linked to a really clever video parody of the current web scene, linked below. I watched the whole thing, which is rare for me. The thing that is driving me crazy, though, is that I can almost, but not quite, place the tune to which the lyrics are set. If anyone can help me out please put a note in the comments.

Update: about 20 second after posting this I figured it out.  The tune is Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire.  I feel much better now.

[youtube fi4fzvQ6I-o]

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